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by Seth Rosenblatt – CNET

Today is my last day at Twilio. It has been humbling to serve the Twilio developer community for these past few years and work with a group of people who are not only setting the bar for Developer Evangelism but also creating a community and company of which we can all be proud. Twilio is   

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by Susan Kuchinskas – Forbes

by Gabrielle Karol – FOX Business News

by Elyssa Lassiter – NBC News

by Martha Mendoza – Associated Press

Screen Pops are a way of displaying contextual information to an agent about any incoming call so that they can provide more relevant support to the caller. They are one of the most powerful features of a software-powered voice communication system. They let your agent learn about the customer they are servicing as soon…

Every problem you solve as a web application developer requires a very particular set of tools. Tools that have been acquired over a very long career. Node.js is one of the latest frameworks to become a popular addition to the modern web stack. It allows you to easily build lightweight, event-driven applications that can…

About a year ago, we published an update to our phone verification tutorial to teach you how to keep your users safe and prevent fraud when building applications in PHP. Now you can learn how to employ the same security and anti-spam techniques in Ruby using the elegant Sinatra framework. For any application that interacts…

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