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1st Place at TC Disrupt Hackathon Thingscription is a web application that automatically generates single-item subscription websites so that you can A/B test physical products.

1st Place at HackFood iFridge is a smart fridge that recognizes when your food and drink items are in stock our have been eaten. It automatically calculates calories, inventory, and nutritional information.

Jury Prize at Foursquare Global Hackathon Winner of a Jury Prize at the Foursquare 2013 Global Hackathon in NYC 4SQID lets you check into a Foursquare venue using an RFID card.

Airport Auto-Checkin is a Foursquare Connect app that will automatically check you in to your destination airport when your flight arrives (in case you don’t have service, are lazy, etc.)

Predict the Sky SMS is a text message service for satellite enthusiasts. It tracks satellite events and sends you a SMS message when one is visible from your location on Earth as it’s happening.

Honorable Mention at TC Disrupt NYC Hackathon 2011 Joysticc – the world’s first human player controller

Semi-Finalist in StartupBus 2011 Lemonade Stand ( is the neighborly commerce platform, an easy way to buy and sell goods locally.

LooReview is a Foursquare app that automatically rates toilets at different venues to find you the cleanest toilet around.

Mashup Generator

BloodHound is a social analytics platform that lets you track which pages are generating the most new followers for you.

Twizam is a mashup of Twilio and the Echo Nest API that lets you record a song segment via phone and have it identified to you in an SMS.

This hack is a Rapportive Raplet (plugin) that shows you a contact’s Soundcloud uploads.

Won 3rd Place at Princeton Startup Weekend 2011 Git Cookin is Github for recipes – its a new type of collaborative recipe sharing site.